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Online Marketing Internet Marketing

internet marketing online
Best Internet Marketing Practice

■ SEO (search engine optimization)

■ PPC (paid per click advertisement)

■ Email Marketing (eDM)

■ SMO (social media optimization) like Facebook, Twitter, article & press release…

Online Marketing, also named Internet Marketing, becomes more and more competitive and cost-effective in your promotion campaigns. Ultimate Solution is known to be a reputable Internet marketing agency offering professional package at REASONABLE and AFFORDABLE pricing! Welcome to contact us for a free proposal and consulting service first.

SMO – Social Media Optimization

SMO - Social Media Optimization
◦ SMO helps your content travel

◦ Gets communities connected

◦ Be part of social networking sites

◦ Interact, post links and repost messages

◦ Submit videos

◦ Submit blogs

◦ Upload images

Social Media Optimization

After Google started to display search results that include multiple media such as news, images, maps, videos, blogs and the like, we realize the importance of getting every single media asset in our website appear prominently on its own individual domain.
Rules that govern SMOOriginally coined by Rohit Bhargava, SMO becomes part of the mainstream marketing efforts.

eDM Email Marketing

eDM is a form of email direct marketing which uses bulk electronic mail as a means of promoting your services or products to your audience. It is the cost effective solution to keep in contact with your customers and potential clients by pushing your message to the recipients.

Keep your customers, members, and prospects loyal with Email Direct Marketing campaigns. It is effective for short term or seasonal promotion.

As a responsible online marketing agency, we provide eDM service with understanding of privacy and anti-spam rules so as not to against the Law. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation.





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